lunes, 7 de abril de 2008


I took this picture in Granada and I didn't know why. Now, for a change (sarcastic), I can relate this picture to some of the pics I've been watching today.

I can't help watching the pics that Ybarra Zavala took in Colombia. The pics were taken in the Uraba region and he revealed human faces we are not used to see when talking about the guerrillas. He shows a couple of guerrilleras and a black guerrillero wearing a crucifijo. When I look at those people I can't help thinking why they joined the FARC. Did they do it voluntarely? Were they forced to do it? Do they believe they are making any change? Are they paid to fight? Who or what do they think they are fighting?

I know many people wouldn't agree with me but I want to hear them. I want to hear their reasons. Many times we are blinded by pain and the last thing we want to do is listening to reasons. But I think guerrilleros are also humans and no matter how much sorrow they've caused, they need to be heard. Paramilitaries are now giving information about the thousands of masacres they've committed and their motivations. They don't even know exactly where they buried the bodies of many farmers that were accused of being part of the guerrillas.

I think the guerrillas should also have their turn to talk. But what a challenge. Because nobody wants to hear them and when I say I want to hear them, I mean hear the low positioned guerrilleros. Reyes is already dead and the ones that are left do not have probably very clear motivations. I am again, guessing. But as I said before, I want to hear their reasons.

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