viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Creativity is as important as literacy

As my 100 post, I wanted to make it special since I've been away for a while. What have I been doing lately? Well, looking for inspiration and getting updated on education. Not quite what I should be doing, but as long as that makes me happy (and irresponsible probably) I don't think it is a problem.

Yes, I am once again monothematic. Since I started my "stage" or professional practice, which was at the beginning of november, I've checked often some sites like Elena's and through hers I knew about "the thinking stick" that makes me dream of a job I'd like to do in the future, and that reminds me that change is possible. It was through the thinking stick that I came across the video I upload below that makes part of the series TED, ideas worth spreading, and that I found in yesterday's thinking stick post.

Sir Ken Robinson claims that "creativity is as important as literacy". He also arises the issue of education. Children educators are educating children who will be living a world we don't have a clue about. In 2026 or so the actual generation will be retiring. He addresses the issue and I haven't finished his post and I want to share it with you already.

Change is unevitable and that makes me happy too.