martes, 20 de mayo de 2008

I wish they paid me for writing

Reading the column that Héctor Abad Faciolince* wrote in Semana the magazine, last week, I realized how much I'd like to do what he used to do in Semana: I wish they paid me for writing.

Writing is something I discovered in college when I had an advanced English class focused on that, writing. Strange, I discovered writing in a language that is not mine (now it is somehow). I suddenly felt I had a talent for it. I could handle including quotes smoothly through my texts and I enjoyed the pression of having to write an essay out of a simple quote. Some people arrived with some of the work done to the class so all they did was just passing it to the final paper that was supposed to be done right there. I ddn't. I used to enjoy the pressure of not knowing what to write about. I had selected some quotes and had analysed the book in advanced, but I wrote the whole thing right away in the 40 minutes we were given to write. I enjoyed it a lot.

Now, in another stage of my life, I find myself writing about anything I don't have to write about and refusing to write about academic papers that do not involve the least interest for me at the moment. I don't know if it is a personal problem, but when I have to write about something that is imposed I don't enjoy it that much. I actually don't enjoy it at all. Well, just to feel a bit productive I decided to write this entry, no matter how guilty I feel because I have not written the paper I have to hand out sooooooooooon.

*For those who don't know Héctor, he used to be a columnist in semana magazine and wrote about the subject he wanted to. He didn't have to follow any editing guidelines. He was a real independent journalist in semana. Now he moved to El Espectador

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