sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2008

Trying to be funny

Again I find myself stuck in the internet. Holidays have started, I have lots of pending things to do, except for planning my New Year's (that one is checked) and I am here spending some time on the net.

First thought, I guess I am becoming an internet addict. I think I'll be part of an ON LINE support group to overcome my addiction. (laughs)

Second, reading and reading again, I am more aware of how building communities (online and off line if it works on line first) has become so popular and useful. The so known french anti-communitarism attitude will also consider these "communitarism" a thread for the unity of the country? (laughs)

And last, on a conversation we had at my "practice" place yesterday I learned that European males are becoming less fertile. Their sperm is not as speedy and effective as it used to be... the reasons? Radiation, food, and others. That contrasts with the Latin American fertile males (at least it seems to be more children down there) I am not sure Health services are interested in rating the sperm speed since probably having a growing population is one of our problems.

Right, probably just the first two paragraphs were funny. The last one was just a try to make my entry longer.

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