miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

On what I like about France

In an attempt to be fair with the country that has welcomed me for the last months, in moments of extreme sensitivity, I write a list of the things I enjoy here:

-I like most of drivers stop as soon as you step on a pedestrian area. When I came back to Cali my reflect was the same, but my survival instinct reminded me Cali streets were not the place to do it. I was not the queen that made cars stopped ;)

-Most of people recycle, even clothes. And they do because there are bins assigned to throw the paper, plastic and glass separetely. If you don' recycle it is because you are way too lazy or too uncouncious not to do it.

-People are very cultivated. As a general rule, people have a very wide general culture. They read a lot and are well informed of the situation wolrdwide. Colombians tend to be more local.

- French create associations to work for several social causes. This is good and contradictory. Although distances among people are big in daily life, they manage to show their humanitarianism being actively involved in the Associations movements like "sans papiers", medecins sans frontieres, etc.

- French food is amazing. I love french food and the patisserie. I am not a big an of sugar but I am starting to eating more pain au chocolat and I always enjoy the french dishes with the "entrées, plat principal, le fromage et le dessert".

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