miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

A strange dream

Let's say I had a dream...
We were three sitting at the tables of a nice fresh terrase in a windy and warm afternoon,
Two other people arrive and they join us. Both of them sit down, one of them asks a bottle of water and the other doesn't order anything. After a little while, the waiter asks the person who didn't order anything if she wanted to drink something, he says no. The waiter tells her: then you are not allowed to sit down at the terrase.

STOP. What would the person do? Will she order something? or will she leave?

In the real world, those would be the two only possibilities, since it is a dream, another reality is possible...

The person decides not to leave, not to order ANYTHING to drink. Instead, she stands up and stays up next to the other four. Literally like that, showing no shame.

The other people feel embarassed. They feel what in Spanish we call "pena ajena", shame for the other...and there is nothing they can do, that person has no sense of shame or dignity to leave or to spend a little money.

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