lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

About the Colombian Forrest Gump

What would you do if your child was taken away from you for more than 10 years and he was just 19 when it happened?

The answer to this question is not written in conditional form, it is written in present perfect. Huh, present is far from being perfect, it should be present unfair: The father of this child, who is a man of 29 or maybe 30 right now, exists and has walked (present perfect) around 2400 km to ask for a humanitarian agreement between the Colombian government and the guerrillas that makes the liberation of some kidnapped people possible.

At the beginning, el profesor Moncayo (Moncayo is a teacher) started in Pasto and stopped in Bogotá walking several kms and getting no answer neither from the guerrillas nor the government. His will is as strong and his steps as constant that he was surnamed the Colombian Forrest Gump. He's been to Europe and has met with several politicians from Latin America and members of the European Parlament. Unfortunately he hasn't gotten any results yet but he doesn't give up. His position as teacher is no longer assured because of his long absent (he's been walking for a while now remember?) but his strength and determination don't seem to be reduced.

Profesor Moncayo is just a face of all the drama that most of Colombians endure everyday. Yes, most of Colombians. The ones who've been lucky are the minority and live in the peaceful cities or are away (such as me) but we have the obligation to make others' drama visible to our own eyes and to the rest of the world. God bless you professor Moncayo and the 2 million of displaced people that makes Colombia the second country with the most internal displaced people after Sudan.

Read note in Spanish about Moncayo's walking journey here

Foto tomada de aquí

Post entrada inicial: Hoy 23 de junio es el día del refugiado. Fuerza a todos los refugiados que se vieron obligados a abandonar sus países por razones políticas.

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