sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2007

Venezuelan Revolution Documentary

Last Thursday I went to see a documentary about the Venezuelan Revolution. I didn't even know how it was going to be until the minute it started.

This original documentary shows how Chavez has made several changes to the social structure of the Venezuelans who didn't have access to basic public services before as well as how he has started the nationalization of many multinatinal companies. It looked like propaganda but at the same time it showed another perspective different to that of the media managed by Chavez oppositors.

The documentary was made by a group of Europeans who traveled to Venezuela as an unofficial comission to witness the last elections in which Chavez was elected once again as president. This small European comission visited many companies that were taken by the workers because the owner wanted to close them in order to press Chavez to resign. The company owners didn't succeed on their goal so many of them have left and so they wanted to close the companies. The workers took these companies and are now managing them facing a lot of difficulties.

This is the axe around which the movie turns. It is an interesting view from the other side of the coin, as we say in Spanish. Chavez has been constantly supported by many people no matter how much some media call him a populist. If being a populist is creating good conditions for some people who didn't expect any change in their lives, then let Chavez be a populist. I wonder how many of this "populist" measure are being taken in Colombian by our so right winged Bush's fan president? Not many I am afraid. I wish sometimes our president was a populist. But he is far from becoming one.

In any case, I am glad I saw this documentary and I'll leave a link of the organisation that produced the documentary. It is called hands off Venezuela and this is the site: www.handsoffvenezuela.org

I just realized by checking the site that the documentary is called "No Volveran" and you can buy it on line...

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